Level 2: Introduction To Body & Healing Meditation Practice

4 Elements and Introduction to Advanced Body & Healing Practice

This 14 week course is designed to help you systematically deepen and stabilise your meditation practice within the context of your daily life. It follows the Intermediate retreat that we run and will include the meditation practices that are taught on it.

By now we have learnt how to reliably enter a state of greater coherence and pleasurable ease and at times become deeply concentrated. The aim of this course is to train and stabilise the mind so that our meditation continues to deepen over time. This is where continued application and sustained effort put forth brings results gradually over time. The greatest fruits of meditation become available to us as we keep making effort and build up our practice stably and reliably over time.

This course will begin to deepen our capacity to pay more detailed attention to the structural aspects of the body. We will spend time developing the skeleton meditation so we can clearly feel and sustain our attention on the bones reliably. We will then move into the softer tissues of the muscles and the digestive system, respiratory system. Through this we will learn to perceive clearly the different textures of the materiality of the body parts which will pave the way for our investigation of the 4 elements of material states which will form the latter part of the course. The powerful wholesome quality of our mind as it learns to abide in the different aspects of the body will bring deepening levels of healing to both our physical body and our mind as the course progresses.

Intermediate Practice: Introduction to Advanced Body Parts and Healing Meditation Syllabus

Step 1: Skeleton Meditation: Detailed meditation upon the skeleton developing stable and reliable perception of the bones and consolidating both focus and sustained concentration.

Step 2: Muscular System: Detailed meditation on the muscles learning to clearly perceive and sustain attention upon them.

Step 3: Digestive System: Detailed investigation of the digestive system learning to feel deeply within the body directly perceiving the stomach, intestines, liver, spleen and other internal organs.

Step 4: Respiratory System: Meditation on the lungs and the breathing processes.

Step 5: The Circulatory System: Meditation upon the direct perception of the Arteries, Heart and Blood.

Step 6: Four Elements Meditation: The meditation on the Four Elements of Materiality is a very important practice. It was widely taught by the Buddha as a way of breaking down the perception of compactness in our experience and to open the doorway to genuine Insight Meditation. It is not often taught these days because it takes time and careful instruction to develop confidence in this practice. Once we have learned to perceive the body with wise attention, as the four elements of ultimate materiality, the doorway opens to a significantly deeper exploration of material states. It also becomes the basis for the deep Absorption practices known as the Kassina Meditations. Both higher levels of Vipassana and Samatha meditation are greatly supported once we have attained a level of competence with this practice.

Step 7: Developing a deeper relationship to the Four Elements: Learning to abide with sustained attention upon the different aspects of the Four Elements. 

Type: Online Course Level 2


Duration : 14 Week Course

Requirements : We ask that students have completed the Level 0 & 1 online courses, along with having sat a retreat with Burgs at least once. 

Suggested Commitment : Meditating 5/6 times a week where possible

Price: £130 ( or 4x £35 monthly subscription )

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We highly recommend you attend the Level 2 Intermediate Art of Meditation Retreat when it is scheduled.

Associated Level 2 Retreat

How does it work?

Why do it?

Who is it for?

What is expected from you?

The course is delivered in weekly lessons, the content of which will be made up of some or all of the following:

1. A guided meditation for the week with all the instructions you need. It is recommended to download this so you can practice offline.

2. Supplementary discourses explaining the techniques being taught are available to listen to online.

3. Supplementary discourses covering various adjunct aspects of meditation are available to listen to online.

4. Supplementary reading material from the Flavour of Liberation ( these chapters are provided as part of the course on the website).

You will be able to engage in whatever way suits you. Be it just learning from the guided meditation instructions each week or exploring in more detail with all the supplementary material.

As with all our online courses, you will be supported every step of the way. You will have a login to a dedicated course website where you will access the material. You can also seek personal guidance from the teacher at any time through emails if you should need further clarification at any stage of the way.

In the initial stages of meditation practice we can make progress swiftly. There is then a period of consolidation where are meditative mind needs to be trained over time so our meditative stability can deepen consistently and gradually giving us access to deeper and more stable states of consciousness.

This course aims to train the mind and consolidate our practice in the daily life so we continue to make progress with the refinement of our life experience.

This course is only available to those who have completed the Level 1 Retreat and Foundation Online Course and we highly recommend you schedule to attend the Level 2 retreat Deepening Your Practice – Intermediate Art of Meditation either before or during this course.

Our recommendation is that for best results to practice each meditation at least 4 – 5 times a week. It really is like going to the gym. The more regular your practice, the fitter your mind will become and the more you will feel the benefit from your efforts.

The meditations will average between 30 – 40 minutes.

If your time is limited, all of the relevant instructions are included in the guided meditation. The supplementary discourses and reading material are optional.