Level 1: The Art of Meditation

Develop a thorough systematic practice today

An Immersive Guide to Meditation

Join us today for a deeper look at the potential of how meditation can be of benefit to you in your daily life. Making the effort to learn to meditate will without fail enrich us profoundly in a multi-layered and unexpected way and is so worthwhile doing.

This course is designed to help you systematically build a deep and stable home meditation practice. It investigates how to develop concentration, mindfulness and serenity / mental calm, before taking a look at how we can use meditation to dig out and release the negative habit patterns of the mind and bad reactions in the memory.

At the heart of the course is the principle and teaching of ‘Direct Perception’. This is a quality of mind that we learn to develop overtime through our meditation, and it is this that brings about true transformation in our lives.

The course also introduces ways in which we can support our meditation practice both on and off the cushion. Also included is some introductory chi kung practice to refine and balance the body and nerve system.

Please note that this course assumes you have already completed the Level 0 – The Stillness Programme. Although directed towards complete beginners, we recommend all of our students to follow the Stillness Programme. Contained within are specific teachings and pointing out instructions which all gradually build towards a deeper more embodied meditative practice. It is not essential that you have completed level 0, but it is suggested that you do so at some point in your meditation career.

The Art of Meditation Syllabus

Lesson 1:  Establishing Direct Perception
Lesson 2:  Meditating Without Mind
Lesson 3:  Concentration: The First Pillar of the Harmonious Mind
Lesson 4:  The Refinement of Character as the Grounds for Concentration
Lesson 5:  Introducing Mindfulness
Lesson 6:  The Hindrances To Becoming Concentrated
Lesson 7:  Right Effort & Willingness To Do
Lesson 8:  Making the Effort to Get the Mind Fit
Lesson 9:  How the Mind Effects the Body
Lesson 10: Being with the Feeling is the Doorway to Transformation
Lesson 11: Loving Kindness
Lesson 12: Sila Samadhi Panna

Type: Online Course Level 1


Duration : 12 Week Course

Suitable For : Total Beginners and Experienced Meditators Alike

Suggested Commitment : Meditating 4/5times a week if possible

Price: £110 ( or 4x £30 monthly subscription )

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How does it work?

Why do it?

Who is it for?

What will you learn?

What is expected from you?

The course is delivered in lessons which will be available every week from when you start the course. It is however up to you as to when you move onto the next lesson. Maybe you would like to take two weeks to practice each lesson. Maybe even longer. It is your choice to pace yourself within your daily life accordingly.

Each lesson will be made up of the following material:

1. A downloadable guided meditation with all the instructions you need.

2. Optional supplementary discourse explaining some aspect of the techniques being taught.

3. Optional supplementary reading material from the Flavour of Liberation series or one of Burgs’ other publications. ( These chapters are provided as part of the course ).

Some weeks you will find that you only have a guided meditation. Some weeks you may find that you are using the same guided meditation but have a supplementary discourse to read or listen to.

As with all our online courses, you will be supported every step of the way. You will have a login to a dedicated course website where you will access the material. You can also seek personal guidance from the teacher through emails if you should need further clarification at any stage of the way.

We all take seriously the notion of physical fitness and we know the profound impact it has on our quality of life. But not many of us think about our mental fitness in the same way.

Our minds are the lens through which we experience every minute of every day for our entire lives. Improving your mental fitness will polish that lens, enhancing how you engage with, appreciate and live all the moments in your life.

If you are interested in looking deeper into how meditation can be of benefit to you in your daily lives, this course will help support your aspirations to start living a more fulfilling and happy life by helping you establish a systematic foundation in meditation.

The programme is open to those with some experience, and to experienced meditators alike. For total beginners we recommend that you try the level 0 The Stillness Programme first.

For those of you who have already attended a level 1 foundation retreat with us, then this course is an excellent way to take your time and really develop your meditation practice. The course will help you integrate your meditation into your daily life by establishing a consistent home practice.

If you haven’t attended a Level 1 Foundation retreat with us yet, then we highly recommend you consider doing so.

– The course will build up from the basic A-B-C’s of meditation practice and lead you through to the deeper aspects of meditation.
– You will learn to meditate deeply within your body whilst developing the mental faculty of Direct Perception
– You will start to engage with the healing potential that meditation can bring about
– You will learn of the various teachings that show us how we can further support and develop our meditation off the cushion
– You will learn to Concentrate. To learn to concentrate is probably the hardest thing to do, but the most rewarding.
– You will learn about Mindfulness and how and when it can hinder our progress if done incorrectly

Our recommendation is that for best results to practice each meditation at least 4 – 5 times a week. It really is like going to the gym. The more regular your practice, the fitter your mind will become and the more you will feel the benefit from your efforts.

The meditations will start from 20 mins on average and gradually develop to 30 – 40 minutes.

If your time is limited, all of the relevant instructions are included in the guided meditation.

The supplementary discourses and reading material are optional.