10 June 2016

A Meditation for Sacred Earth Day

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Dear Friends,

This Sunday the 12th of June is Sacred Earth Day. Sacred Earth Day is a global initiative to prompt us to stop for a day and reflect upon all that is sacred in life. The intention is that it should be a day of prayer and action for people and planet. Faiths all over the world are invited to take part. I would very much like to encourage everyone to tune in to the intent behind Sacred Earth day and find your own personal connection as well as join with us together and connect in group ceremony meditation and prayer.

Group Meditation Invitation

I will be holding a meditation at 8am and or 7pm on Sunday and would love to invite you all to meditate at that time. I have recorded a track that combines reflection meditation and prayer to help us connect to the sacred and it is below. Please make this your practice for the next week; to sit quietly for a few minutes and offer up your prayer of gratitude and loving kindness to our precious sacred life.

Meditation And Prayer To Help Us Connect To The Sacred

Some Suggestions to Explore

Some suggestions you might individually like to explore are

  • Say a prayer, make a blessing, sing a song or meditate upon the sacred nature of life and our planet.
  • Sit in meditations at important sites (there is one organised at Shell HQ in London!)
  • Hold a service outdoors, to reconnect the community to nature.
  • Organise a community project
  • Fast in solidarity to those affected by climate change or make a strong determination for the whole of Sunday to do nothing that will leave a lasting impact upon the planet.
  • Try to tread invisibly just for one day and reflect upon what it takes to leave no trace.

Getting Plugged Back In – Audio Discourse

I have also shared a discourse called Getting Plugged Back In, that looks at re-establishing our connection to the sacred.

With boundless metta,


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