13 January 2015

It All Starts with Stillness


Sometimes we just needs to stop for a while and be still. It is amazing the power that stillness has to recharge and reorganise us. Most of the times that we feel overwhelmed, scattered or stressed it is as much because we have become energetically disturbed and disorganised, as it is because of the challenges we are facing. In fact almost all of our challenges become so much easier to deal with if we can just stop for long enough to re establish a sense of inner stillness. Before we do anything else, including making any efforts to meditate, the first thing we should do is stop, tune in and rest deeply by just leaving everything to just be for a while.

I have put together this recording of a Stillness meditation with some deeply relaxing music to help you get there.


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  1. Chris Chapman

    Awesome! Thankyou for sharing! Amazing edit and as always amazing incredible perfect prompts! Many Thanks.

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