17 March 2017

The Tenacity of Nature

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Hello everyone,

We just just finished a long retreat in the mountains of the French Pyrenees which was a great success and was wonderful to be out in the surrounding pristine forest. On one of the days I sent the students off to meditate all day without coming inside. Being outside has a hugely harmonising energetic effect upon us.

The Lost Explorer

I recently wrote about this in a blog called The Lost Explorer. Click here to read it.

The Cost of Convenience

I also looked at this subject in my recent book, The Survival Guide to Staying Conscious, in the chapter called The Cost of Convenience. The chapter specifically investigates how modern technology effects our environment and what the knock on effects of this are to us us as living organisms and I invite us to ask the question as to whether or not we feel the costs outweigh the benefits.

I have included an excerpt from the book below.

…As living organisms, as living beings, we naturally come into resonance with what is going on around us. There is a natural principle at work that expresses itself within our own living bio-electromagnetic field, and this is one of the key factors that marks us as actually being alive rather than dead, again as I touched on earlier. Always and everywhere, in order to make us feel comfortable, our own living electromagnetic energy field, that is the very carrier of our experience of life, moment to moment, is constantly reorganising itself to come into coherence with the environment in which we find ourselves in.

Now twenty years ago there were not so many man-made electromagnetic fields in our environment, and so our default setting was to constantly come back into resonance with the natural field of energy produced by our planet and the life going on around us; this living bio-field of energy that we call nature. The planet has its own coherence, its own magnetic field, its own electromagnetic field. Everything in nature produces its own coherent energy field, just as we do as human beings. One of the principles that keeps our life in balance is the fact that we are a small electromagnetic field in a much bigger one and simply by existing in it and moving through it, the integrity of this bigger field has the capacity to bring us back naturally to coherence when we expose ourselves to it. This is one of the reasons we feel so refreshed simply by being out in nature, and why we feel heavy and numb if we spend too much time in an unnatural environment…

Our Connection To Source

I have also shared an audio on the subject that was recorded on a recent retreat, I hope you enjoy.

With Metta,

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