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Art of Meditation


The Art of Meditation website provides information on healing meditation retreats, online training courses and chi kung healing workshops hosted by Burgs in London and around the UK.

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You can find various audio recordings and articles about all aspects of
meditation, from basic instruction to advanced meditation
practice, chi kung  and other associated topics.

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The Quality of Mind – A discourse introducing what Burgs calls the 4 Pillars of the Harmonious Mind ; Concentration, Mindfullness, Wisdom and Equanimity.

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“I attended the Usada Level 1 Retreat at beautiful Poulstone Court, on the banks of the River Wye.  It was my first real stab at meditation and I had pre-conceived ideas and concerns which disappeared over the course of the week.  In Burgs you have a relaxed, calm and understanding teacher who makes it all seem immediate and above all accessible. Emphasis is placed on meditation being an important and enhancing element of one’s normal life: there is no lecturing, no hectoring, and no call or direction for wholesale change of lifestyle beyond the addition of this calming ingredient.  I returned revitalised, calmer, and happier.”
- Oliver, attendee of Usada Healing Retreat