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Do you want to learn how to meditate? The Art of Meditation offers short and long meditation retreats and online meditation courses.

Our meditation retreats, systematic online programmes, London talks and books are based on the principles of Buddhist meditation, vipassana and mindfulness meditation, and are taught by Burgs.

We believe that we offer the most comprehensive range of meditation teachings available. Our combination of courses, programmes and retreats are designed to ensure continuity of progress and support for students month after month, year after year. Whilst good progress can be made in a short space of time, AOM does not subscribe to a “quick fix” approach but one of patience and commitment that leads to lasting personal transformation.

Our residential retreats range include: two-day taster weekends, the seven-day “Art of Meditation” healing meditation retreat (our core product), through to longer retreats (three weeks to five months).

Our online courses and modules range from our “Stillness Programme”, an eight-week introduction to concentration and mindfulness meditation; through to our new “Living Dhamma” one-year programme, where we begin to investigate some of life’s more meaningful questions – from managing relationships through to the death and dying process, along with other interesting topics of discussion.