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Are you totally new to meditation and want to find out what it’s all about? Or maybe you are familiar with what’s involved and want to know about our approach? Then click  here now.

The Stillness Challenge

Curious about meditation but not sure where to start? Try this very quick exercise to start the ball rolling now and see how you feel.

Go On Retreat


Find out about going on retreat and what is involved. Learn why we recommend coming on retreat if you can, and why learning how to meditate is the start of a wonderful world of discovery.

In The Press

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Find out what the media are saying about Burgs and The Art of Meditation. Offering a diverse range of Residential Retreats and a detailed Online Program suited for beginners to more seasoned meditators.

Learn Online


Find out more about our entry level online course “The Stillness Program” or the more details “Art of Breathing” course which can be followed from the comfort of your home.

Latest Audio


Listen to the teachings that Burgs shares about meditation. Almost all of the audio discourses and meditations are recorded live whilst on retreat and these are updated periodically. Also check out our SoundCloud page for more content.