11 November 2014

Connecting to the power behind your life


One of the first things I teach you when you come on your first retreat is how your mind is by far the greatest interference there is with the way that the higher intelligence that governs our life functions. When you look outside and you look at all the life going on around you and you see the trees and you see nature at work, there isn’t an active intelligence at work there. There isn’t an active intelligence going, “It’s coming into springtime, I wonder if we should grow some leaves, and what if we made them this colour, today, no I don’t like that any more, let’s change it.” Nature is a pure response. It’s perfect. It’s pure intelligence.

It’s on cue every time and the response to what is going on around it is always


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4 Responses

  1. paula Morris

    It all sounds good.Wheres the best place to start?.Meditation on line or a retreat.I like the sound of doing yoga and meditation .The article in the telegraph made me want to look into doing yoga.

  2. Chris Chapman

    I highly recommend the one year course! (student: done 3 retreats and many of the weekend chikung workshops, and also 2 years of the online course) You will not regret it.

  3. Anthea Jones

    I really ejoyed reading this post as it resonates with my experience of life and how ‘i believe’ it works. I think you make a good point about change and this is the difficulty that i encounter. For me, making the shift to ‘seeing things’ differently and coming to directly resonate with the awareness is where i stay stuck. I cant seem to make the shift to really benefiting from the power in the clear light that you describe. Its the most important thing to me every day but it still feels like im stuck in the same old me. Can you tell me a bit more about how this shift occured for you? Do i keep putting my attention on the clear light for endless hours and then the shift may occur as subtle as first and then as a real sense that it is permeating my being? Thank you for your blog, it’s a wondeful read. I’ve done one retreat with you at Poulstone as a beginner about 5 years ago which kick started the whole process for me.

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