07 November 2014

Follow the call of your heart

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These days many kids come to my classes feeling lost. I am saddened by how many exceptionally gifted and fortunate kids turn up with hollow eyes and a prescription for anti-depressants. They are often burned out and yet they haven’t even begun to really live life. These are not the casualties of living too large. They are the casualties of not living at all.

The drugs are stronger, they are starting to take them younger, and it’s not a celebration of life they are engaging in but an effort to numb themselves and stop feeling what they do. There is no real rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood these days and no mentors to show them the way. In years gone by we came of age in the forests and fields beside fathers and elders, but many of today’s kids are doing it in rehab as they get over their first round of addiction or detention centres after they draw first blood in a gang fight.


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