18 December 2014

The most moving experience there is

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One of the first things I teach you when you come on your first retreat, is how your mind is by far the greatest interference there is with the way that the higher intelligence that supports our life functions. When you look outside and you look at all the life going on around you and you see the trees and you see nature at work, there isn’t an active intelligence at work there. There isn’t an active intelligence there going, “It’s coming into springtime, I wonder if we should grow some leaves, and what if we made them this colour today? No I don’t like that anymore, let’s change it.” Nature is a pure response. It’s perfect. It’s pure intelligence.

It’s on cue every time and the response to what is going on around it is always perfect. Now, that intelligence supports life perfectly and it would support your life perfectly as well if you would let it. But we are, as humans, blessed with this ability to be aware of ourselves as a discrete entity, a separate self conscious expression of life. And that basic principle, i.e. to be self-aware mutates over time from the basic sense of just being self-aware to creating an idea of ourselves, which over time becomes ever more complex.


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