31 October 2014

Why integrate meditation and chi kung?


The gross body is what we know to be our flesh, bones, muscles, organs etc. The subtle body are those systems that cannot be seen with visual sight, but with experience, come to be known through clarity of mind. These include the chakra system and the meridian system, and through the energetic cultivation of the subtle body we can make deeper progress with meditation.

The practice of energetic cultivation has been at the heart of cultures across Asia for many centuries.

India has its practice of Yoga, which as its basis works to prepare the body for meditation, by opening the body’s energetic pathways using a variety of postures known as Asanas, and then moving onto the controlled breathwork practice known as Pranayama. These two ‘Limbs of Yoga’ as described by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, start to prepare us for the application of our mind towards meditation and samadhi (concentration). The practice of Yoga works specifically to stimulate and vitalise the pranic energy in our body. Prana is the energy associated with consciousness, and flows through a distribution network around the body known as the Chakra system.


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2 Responses

  1. Jinorasa Bhikkhu

    Yes it is essential for the energetics of body and mind to be harmonized and balanced in order to make progress in meditation. After all, as far as I can see, the five hindrances are the biggest blockage to both coherent energetics and meditation.

  2. brother tilts

    Could it be that the five hindrances are also five invitations to go beyond as far as I can see?

    Five aspects of our lived experience which offer us an opportunity to transform our limiting habits of reactivity by opening to a fresh flow of energy and a deepening capacity for staying steady…

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