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This blog looks at many topics covering the broad field of spiritual cultivation. The material ranges from introductory meditation, healing and life advice all the way through to advanced meditation and Dharma practice, including both Vipassana and Samatha meditation. The material is relevant for those new to meditation who are interested in reading a bit about it and seeing where it goes as well of those yogis with many years of practice.

07 November 2014

Follow the call of your heart

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These days many kids come to my classes feeling lost. I am saddened by how many exceptionally gifted and fortunate kids turn up with hollow...
31 October 2014

Why integrate meditation and chi kung?

The gross body is what we know to be our flesh, bones, muscles, organs etc. The subtle body are those systems that cannot be seen...
21 October 2014

More to the Buddha than meets the eye

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There are many reasons why the image of the Buddha sitting calmly in meditation is one of the most visible icons in the world. [groups_non_member...
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