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This blog looks at many topics covering the broad field of spiritual cultivation. The material ranges from introductory meditation, healing and life advice all the way through to advanced meditation and Dharma practice, including both Vipassana and Samatha meditation. The material is relevant for those new to meditation who are interested in reading a bit about it and seeing where it goes as well of those yogis with many years of practice.

17 June 2015

The Power of Patience and Determination

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Patience is the quality of tolerance and forbearance, of being able to allow things to come about in a timely way. It overcomes our growing...
31 May 2015

Initial And Sustained Application

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When we start to exercise the mental muscles we start to make them fitter. So, there are two aspects that we are starting to wake...
13 January 2015

It All Starts with Stillness

Sometimes we just needs to stop for a while and be still. It is amazing the power that stillness has to recharge and reorganise us....
31 December 2014

Honouring what is important

These two little guys, and countless more like them, who are just starting out on this awesome adventure that we call life…it is for them...
18 December 2014

The most moving experience there is

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One of the first things I teach you when you come on your first retreat, is how your mind is by far the greatest interference...